Maya Smith has lived her whole life as an orphan with no goals, dreams, or ambitions. Floating from homeless shelter to homeless shelter in a world populated by wizards and those with the drive to succeed, she has felt her entire life that she had no purpose.

But then one night she is visited by a blue kid from the sky who tells her that she is not of this world. She is a Starli - an incarnated star - born on the distant planet Stellare. Her true name is Prismaya Styrani. When she returns to Stellare, she finds out that she is more important than she ever could have dreamed...and this scares her, immensely.


The Comic:

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The Cast:


Prismaya StyraniPrismaya Styrani (Maya Smith)

For reasons yet to be explained, Prismaya grew up as a human orphan named Maya Smith. As a Prismatic Star (a star who is in tune with all five elements), she is now burdened with increasing responsibility as she is meant to grow into a spiritual leader called the Iridian. 


Honestly, Maya would rather go back to being a lazy bum on the streets. She doesn't handle pressure well, and she would rather be poor and carefree and float through life the way she always has.


Canada HawkinsCanada Hawkins

Maya's best friend from childhood, Canada hasn't really had it easy either. He has suffered from permanent skin pigmentation since his youth as a result of the bullying of young wizards. Despite this, Canada has a strong work ethic and dreams for a better future.


He finds Maya's lackidaisical approach to life frustrating, and has always felt like she could do so much if she just applied herself. His frustrations end up giving him a rather grumpy disposition, but he is ultimately a loyal and loving friend.


Xander Sorcery

Would-be heir to the extremely powerful (and fiery) Sorcery clan, Xander's interest in magic falls just outside the lines of what is considered acceptable in wizard culture. His most recent interest is the pursuit of justice for magic users. He currently works as a consultant for the police department, helping solve magic-related crimes and seeing to it that wizards face the same justice that other criminals do.


This interest in particular has painted him as a traitor to the magical community, and his powerful and influential father has recently disowned him. Xander doesn't seem to care.


Jikia LotusJikia Lotus

Heiress to the not-quite-as-powerful-but-still-pretty-powerful watery Lotus clan, Jikia is obsessed with improving her status. She has gained a reputation for wrapping everyone around her finger - from members of more powerful families to local government agencies. She is desperate to become as powerful as possible - both magically and in society.


That said, she is cruel to those she perceives as "beneath" her, using trickery and blackmail to use and abuse her "inferiors". However, she is incredibly insecure and extremely paranoid.



A "loyal" servant of the Lotus family for seven years, Samson is Jikia's personal butler and assistant. However, it is no secret that he despises his employers and only tolerates them because Jikia promised to use her influence to help a member of his family.





Third member of the Stellare Council, a small group of Starli that advise the Iridian and other planetary leaders. While appearing young and having an innocent, childlike personality, there is hidden wisdom in this cooky guy. Maybe we'll see it one day.


In the meantime, he has the distinguished honor of having the most punchable face in Prismatic Star.


Kwarzena Styrani

Prismaya's mother and Celsa (support partner) of the last Iridian, Eisen Styrani. Kwarzena has endured many hardships; the loss of Eisen and the 21-year-long separation from her daughter Prismaya have done a number on her.


That said, she is patient and graceful and kind...most of the time.  She hasn't had her first true mother-daughter fight yet though, so we'll see how that goes.